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5-axis MC for unmanned operation and variable-variety production

October 29, 2021

On October 13, 2021, Matsuura Machinery, a machine tool builder, released the “MX-420 PC10”, a 5-axis vertical machining center(MC). Maximum workpiece size is 420 mm(dia.) x 300 mm (height). The new model has a larger maximum workpiece size than the previous model, but compact installation space.

The MX-420 PC10 is equipped with a 10-face pallet changer for long-hour unmanned operation and variable-type, variable-volume production.

The MX-420 PC10 is a new addition to the MX series of 5-axis MC. The new product inherits the concept of the MX series, which allows even beginners to perform 5-axis machining with ease and confidence, while also enhancing support for the Internet of Things(IoT). In particular, the operator can now check the operating status of the machine through the operation screen.

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