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JIMTOF2022 – Don’t miss a variety of joint events

October 7, 2022

The Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF), one of the largest machine tool exhibitions in the world, will be held in Tokyo for six days from November 8-13, 2022. The theme of JIMTOF 2022 is “Open the door to the future-Meet the technologies moving the world forward”. Under this main concept, various joint events will be held to introduce the world of manufacturing from diverse perspectives.

As the second part of our JIMTOF2022 special feature, SEISANZAI Japan introduces the joint events taking place during the exhibition that you don’t want to miss.

Pre- Registration for Admission

Admission registration has begun on September 1, 2022, through the Official Website (

The main program of the lectures, seminars, talk sessions, and exhibits held during the Fair is as follows.

New Additive Manufacturing (AM) Area

The highlight of JIMTOF 2022 will be the Special Event taking place in the South Exhibition Hall bringing together AM/3D printing-related products and technologies. Additive Manufacturing is a prominent trend that is expected to grow. It is also gaining attention in the machine tool industry, where the needs are diversified, as an innovative technology within the manufacturing process that can reduce the number of parts needed, shorten the lead time, and enable high-mix low-volume production. In addition to the “Exhibit Area”, a “Special Seminar Venue” will be set up in the Area. At the Special Seminar Venue, more than 15 lectures on AM/3D printing and a workshop given by the exhibitors will be held.

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Lectures/ Seminars

Keynote Speech: “Monozukuri – The Frontier of Carbon Neutral Era”

November 8 (Tue.) 13:30-14:30

Masamichi Okada, President of Primearth EV Energy Co., Ltd.

Carbon Neutrality is becoming the global trend, bringing drastic transformation into our business and daily life. How Monozukuri should respond to such lifechanging transformation? Through hydrogen and mobility, the front line of workplaces will present the possibilities of our brighter future.

Special Lectures: “Cryptography for 6G era”

November 10 (Thu.) 14:00-15:00

Takanori Isobe, Associate Professor of Graduate School of Information Science, University of Hyogo.

Cryptography is a fundamental technology to protect privacy and confidential information. In this talk, I will show several promising applications for beyond 5G era around 2030, and explain cryptography schemes to ensure the security for it. Besides, I will talk our strategy for standardization of our technology.

Special Lectures: “Simulation-empowered manufacturing in the Fugaku era -The present status and future perspectives of large-scale fluid flow simulations-”

November 11 (Fri.) 14:00-15:00

Chisachi Kato, Center Director and Professor of Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo Center for Innovative Simulation Software

Supercomputer “Fugaku” started its full operation in 2021 after “Kei-computer” and there are high expectations for innovation in manufacturing using simulation. In this talk, the present status of large-scale fluid flow-simulations will briefly explain, and its perspectives will also be presented.

Special Exhibit

JIMTOF 2022 will introduce the advanced technologies of the industry-leading machine tool manufacturers and explore the ‘Monozukuri’ factory of the future. The Japan-made products with top market share created by state-of-the-art machine tools produced in the factory will be exhibited across the board, showing the roadmap to the “Future of Monozukuri”.

Special Display

JIMTOF 2022 will feature a special display of IHI’s jet engine technology, a technology playing a major role in the global aviation industry. Each engine draws on its high technical capabilities, backed by history and tradition.

Digital Contents

JIMTOF 2022 also enhances digital contents by providing an online catalog enabling the collection of pre- and post-information, an exhibitor online channel that publishes exhibitors’ webinars and product introduction videos, and a matching system that enables more efficient business opportunities.

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<About JIMTOF> 

A machine tool specialized exhibition, JIMTOF is regarded as one of the largest international technology exhibitions in the world, which introduces machine tools and their surrounding accessories as a whole range exhibition for manufacturing companies and institutions. It also introduces the latest and most cutting-edge technologies and products in the area of machine tools. JIMTOF has been held biennially for over 50 years since 1962 and marks its 60th anniversary in 2022. In JIMTOF 2022, products of a variety of industries including Metal Cutting Machine Tools, Metal Forming Machine Tools, Machine tool accessories, Tools for machines (cutting tool & wear-resistant tool), Diamond and CBN Tools, Grinding wheels and abrasives, Gears and Gear Devices, Oil hydraulic, pneumatic and Water hydraulic machinery, Precision measuring machines and instruments, Optical measuring instruments, Testing machinery and CAD/CAM, among others, will be exhibited, and the latest information of products and technologies will be shown to the visitors. JIMTOF has an established reputation as an exhibition where visitors can obtain the latest information on a variety of products used in the manufacturing industry.

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