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Mitsubishi Materials becomes a significant player through acquisition

July 11, 2024

Mitsubishi Materials holds DIAEDGE authorized dealer meeting 

On May 21, Mitsubishi Materials held the “FY2024 Hokkaido, Tohoku, Joshinetsu Block, Kanto Block Joint DIAEDGE Distributors Meeting” at a hotel in Tokyo (photo). The event was attended by over 90 representatives from authorized distributors and agents. 

Strategic acquisition and future goals 

Kazuo Ohara, Managing Executive Officer and President of Metalworking Solutions Company, addressed the attendees and announced, “In May, we signed an agreement to acquire H.C. Starck Holding, a German manufacturer of tungsten materials. This acquisition will position us as one of the largest refining companies outside of China. Moving forward, we will enhance our research and development capabilities in cooperation with our domestic tungsten manufacturing subsidiary, Japan New Metals, and pursue synergies.” 

Ohara also highlighted the company’s sustainability goals, stating, “Last year, our recycling rate was 52%, and we aim to exceed 80% by 2030.” 

Recognizing excellence and announcing new products 

Following the address, Mitsubishi Materials recognized authorized dealers and agents for outstanding sales performance. In addition, the domestic sales division presented strategies for regaining market share and introduced new products. The event concluded with a social networking session where attendees actively shared information and fostered closer relationships. 


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