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Mitsubishi Materials focuses on recycling of cemented carbide tools

June 20, 2023

 Mitsubishi Materials held the “FY2023 Hokkaido, Tohoku, Joshinetsu Block, Kanto Block Joint DIAEDGE Distributors Meeting” on May 18 at a hotel in Tokyo (=photo). More than 80 people from distributors and agents attended the meeting. 

Kazuo Ohara, Managing Executive Officer and President of Metalworking Solutions Company, began by reporting on the business performance and policies of the machining business. The target for FY2023 is to increase sales of cemented carbide products by 20% from the pre-COVID-19 pandemic level of FY2019. The company expects to work down the order backlog that increased during and after the pandemic during the current fiscal year. As an environmental measure, the company will also strengthen its efforts to recycle tungsten by collecting used cemented carbide tools. Mr. Ohara, Managing Executive Officer, explained, “Crude ore has a low tungsten content of about 1%, and it takes 12,000 kg of ore to produce 100 kg of tungsten. But the content of used tools is as high as about 90%, and only 110 kg are needed to obtain 100 kg of tungsten”. 

Afterward, the company presented awards to distributors and agents for their excellent sales performance, and also announced its policy on sales activities and new products. 


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