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Mitsubishi Materials develops new material with properties of metal and rubber

September 23, 2021

Mitsubishi Materials, a major non-ferrous metals manufacturer, announced on August 31, 2021 that it has developed a new material that combines the heat resistance of metal with the flexibility of rubber.

Heat resistance and flexibility are contradictory characteristics. However, the company was inspired by the adhesive mechanism of the bristles on the soles of geckos, and developed a new material that combines both characteristics. The new material is expected to be used in adhesive applications where both high heat resistance and flexibility are required. The target markets are the aerospace and medical fields.

Industrial materials are selected according to the application. When flexibility is required, organic materials such as rubber are chosen, and when heat resistance is required, metal materials are chosen. However, organic materials have low heat resistance, making them difficult to use in high temperature environments.

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