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Mitsubishi Materials takes place dealership association online

June 24, 2021

Mitsubishi Materials, a leading cutting tool maker, held the “DIAEDGE Dealership Association” online on May 28, 2021. 204 dealerships, 18 sales agents and the press participated from all over Japan.

First of all, managing executive officer Tetsuya Tanaka, president of metalworking solutions company, explained the current status of the machining business and future policies. The company set a long-term goal to become a “top three supplier” in four strategic markets: automotive, aerospace, medical and mold. Metalworking solutions company will work to utilize digital technology and build a global foundation to achieve its goals.

President Tanaka also talked about the delay in delivery of insert products due to the rapid recovery of orders after the second half of 2020. “We will secure more production capacity in the first and second half of this year, including human replenishment and capital investment,” president Tanaka said.

In addition, the company commended dealerships and sales agents which achieved excellent sales results in each of the four fields.

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