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MHI subsidiary starts AM business on a full-scale

December 7, 2020

Mitsubishi Power, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, announced on November 27, 2020, that it concluded the agreement with Aubert & Duval of France on technology licensing related to the specific composition and manufacturing of metal powders used as materials for metal additive manufacturing (AM). Therefore, AM business started on a full-scale.

Mitsubishi Power will develop new businesses by utilizing its original material technologies accumulated through its operations in gas turbines and other thermal power systems.

In addition, Mitsubishi Power will complete the development and manufacturing base “AM-Zone” in September, 2020 at the Hitachi Works in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture. “AM-Zone” is equipped with powder manufacturing equipment and metal AM systems of all kinds, and is capable of fully integrated production – from the development of powder and wire materials to metal AM and product finishing.

Aubert & Duval is a leading European supplier of alloys and metal powders, provides metallurgical solutions for aerospace, energy defense and other demanding industries. Under the new agreement, Aubert & Duval’s know-how in the composition and manufacturing of powders for AM applications will be combined with Mitsubishi Power’s proprietary technologies to enable provision of powders optimally suited to metal AM. This integration of capabilities is expected to significantly improve the performance of manufactured products.

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