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YASDA’s latest 5-axis MC for the next generation

November 4, 2022

Vertical 5-axis machining center “YBM Vi50”

YASDA PRECISION TOOLS has developed a new vertical 5-axis machining center “YBM Vi50” for electric vehicles, next-generation aircraft, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts.

The new model is a further upsized version of its predecessor, “YBM Vi40,” which has been well received by customers, particularly in the field of 5-axis machining of cold forging dies and plastic molds, where high machine rigidity is required. It can handle large workpieces up to 650 mm in diameter x 500 mm in height and 500 kg in weight. The YBM Vi50 succeeds the DNA of the conventional model as well as a newly designed machine structure that achieves higher precision, improved surface quality, and positioning. The travel of the axes (X x Y x Z) is 660 x 1100 x 500 mm. Maximum spindle speed is 24,000 rpm.

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