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Okamoto’s new surface grinder series, offering 1.7 x weight for more rigidity

November 7, 2022

Surface grinding machine “PSG126CA-iQ/PSG127CA-iQ Series”

Okamoto Machine Tool Works has newly developed “PSG126CA-iQ/PSG127CA-iQ Series” of CNC precision surface grinding machines for medium to large workpiece machining up to 1200 x 600 and 1200 x 700 mm.

This new series adopts the high-rigidity castings and new frame structure manufactured by the company after verifying the optimal frame structure through 3D analytical design. Machine weight is 1.7 times heavier than that of the conventional product, which enables higher rigidity. The maximum grinding wheel size is 510 in diameter x 100 in width x 127 in inner diameter. The maximum workpiece machining height is 685 mm, achieving highly efficient machining of large molds and machine tool parts.

Release date

Expected April 2023 (Pre-release exhibit planned at JIMTOF2022)

Target markets

Precision parts, hydraulic and pneumatic parts, automotive related parts, gears, etc.

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