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Job Shops promote their grate ingenuity in the middle of Tokyo

December 21, 2022

“FACTORY’S GOODs,” an event where small- and medium-sized manufacturers exhibit and sell their products to consumers, was held at “WITH HARAJUKU”, a shopping complex in Shibuya, Tokyo, for two days on November 18 and 19. The event was organized by NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN. Young people and even foreign tourists passing by stopped by to take a look at the products of the 14 exhibitors.

OZAWA-SS, a sheet metal processing company, exhibited a simple kit for making a bonfire stand called “KOTAKI-DAI (small bonfire stand)” (=photo). Mr. Ozawa, president of OZAWA-SS, said, “We would like to provide consumers with the value of experiencing craftsmanship by having them assemble it by themselves.

Kurita Sangyo, a cast metal manufacturer, sold metallic tin chopstick rests modeled after mini 4WD toys. TAMIYA, a Japanese model maker, supervised the chopstick rests project and replicated the design down to the finest detail. The company’s person in charge said, “The melting point of tin is low, and it hardens quickly when put into molds, so it was challenging at first. But now we are able to make complex castings with high precision”.

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