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NIT’s Museum of Industrial Technology holds special exhibition

December 29, 2022

Nippon Institute of Technology Museum of Industrial Technology (Saitama, Japan; Director: Shinji Shimizu) is holding a special exhibition, “Explore the Comprehensive Technical History of Machine Tools,” from November 2022 to March 31, 2023, in the museum’s second-floor special exhibition hall. Admission is free.

To celebrate the opening of the special exhibition, the museum held a special commemorative lecture on November 16, “Japan’s Machine Tool Production: The Road to World No.1”.

Museum director Shimizu explained the purpose of the exhibition. He emphasized the need for the accumulation of machine tool-related data and the development as well as the training of researchers in the field. In addition, he called for the promotion of information sharing and research activities.

In the commemorative lectures, Akira Ishizaki, Fellow of JTEKT GEAR SYSTEMS, gave a special lecture on “History of Imports and Domestication of Foreign Machine Tools in Japanese Automotive Industry,” and Tetsuzo Fujita, Honorary Advisor of the Japan Machine Tool Importers’ Association, gave a special lecture on “Technology Collaboration among Japanese Machine Tool Builders: Its Introduction History and Benefits”. They each explained the progression of Japanese machine tools, mainly in terms of their close historical relationship with foreign-made machine tools (=photo).

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