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NBK supports automation(1/2)

May 23, 2018

Proposal of “just right.”

Nabeya Bi-tech (NBK) has begun to develop products that support automation by leveraging its machine component manufacturing technology and know-how.
First, NBK launched a “Wireless Positioning Unit” capable of automating the adjustment of conveyors for transportation.
In a press announcement on March 27, 2018, “I’d like to offer a [just right solution] “that customers can easily introduce,” said Mitsuo Kaneda, Chairman of NBK.

Utilize the know-how of parts manufacturing

On March 27, 2018, NBK had a press briefing on new products and new businesses at a hotel in Gifu City.

Tetsuya Niwa, managing director of NBK explained, “we provide solutions that meet customers’ automation needs and support manufacturing.”

NBK operates a variety of components as specialized manufacturers of mechanical components such as couplings and special screws.

NBK launched the Wireless Positioning Unit, which makes use of its experience and know-how to automate the preparation of conveyors for transport and other purposes.  It was NBK’s first sale of units, including control system, rather than components alone.

NBK will publish movies of the operation method on the homepage and show off at the exhibition for increasing the product’s recognition.

In FY12/19, two years later, the company aims to achieve sales of 100 million yen for this business.  In addition, NBK will continue to expand its product lineup to help automate the factory.  By the end of the year, the company intends to introduce multiple products to become a new pillar of its core business.

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