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NBK supports automation(2/2)

May 25, 2018

Handle is not required and setup is shortened.

The main target of the Wireless Positioning Unit is a conveyor used in the assembly and packaging of corrugated cardboard, such as in food factories.

Normally, it is necessary to adjust the positions of the conveyor guide and various sensors every time the width and height of the flowing corrugated board are changed.

Previously, the position was adjusted by manually turning a handle attached to the lead screw.  Sometimes there are dozens of handles on one line, so much time was spent on the work.

As for the mechanism of the wireless positioning unit, the motor in the unit controlled wirelessly operates and performs the positioning automatically.

The operation is simple, you can use it immediately by removing the handle of the existing unit and attaching the wireless positioning unit.

The operation is controlled by a transceiver connected to a personal computer.  Because the dedicated software can be downloaded free of charge, you don’t need to worry about creating difficult programs.

According to the company’s survey, the setup time can be reduced by about 84% in the case of a transport line with 10 arrangements operated 10 times a day.  It can be introduced not only in food factories, but also anywhere where the product is transported by a conveyor.

“Although there are many similar automation products, they’re just very precise and expensive, so we provide “solutions” that easy to installed and good price for SMEs,” Mr. Kaneda emphasizes.

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