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New Year’s Event#2 – The 38th ND Marketing Award goes to Roku-Roku Sangyo President

February 2, 2023

News Digest Publishing, which operates SEISANZAI Japan, held a New Year’s event on January 12, 2023, at the Nagoya Congress Center in Nagoya, Japan. The editorial team of SEISANZAI Japan covers the event in three parts.

Following the announcement of Japan’s machine tool order forecast for 2023, the 38th ND Marketing Award ceremony was also held at the event.

The 38th ND Marketing Award was presented to Mr. Mitsuru Kaito, President of Roku-Roku Sangyo. Mr. Kaito has successfully established a new genre of micro fine machining. He has also made great efforts to make the micro fine machining market sustainable by improving the status of machining engineers, and was honored for his achievements.

Mr. Hachiro Higuchi, President of News Digest Publishing, presented Mr. Kaito with a letter of commendation, and Dr. Yoshiharu Inaba, Chairman of FANUC, the previous recipient of the award, presented him with a bronze statue.

In his commemorative speech, Mr. Kaito said, “This year marks the 120th anniversary of our company. Continuity is the primary mission of a company, and we are working toward our 200th anniversary. The best way for a small company to survive is to pursue a ‘niche top’ strategy.

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