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CITIZEN MACHINERY ASIA (Thailand) completes new plant building construction

April 14, 2023

Citizen Machinery (Headquarters: Miyota-cho, Nagano Prefecture, President: Keiichi Nakajima) held an opening ceremony for a new building at its plant in Thailand on March 8.

CITIZEN MACHINERY ASIA, the main overseas plant of Citizen Machinery, has been expanding its processing and assembly buildings in the past, and the new building was the sixth to be completed. After the new building was completed in November 2022, the entire Thai plant was redesigned to a more efficient layout and started production in February this year. Capacity increased by 50% to 350 units per month.

At the opening ceremony, President Nakajima expressed his high expectations for the future, saying, “I hope that the entire company will work together to expand our business through the use of the showroom and the new building.


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