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Japan’s industrial robot orders decline for the 2nd quarter in a row; Production and shipments remain stable

May 1, 2023

On April 27, the Japan Robot Association (JARA) announced the amount of orders and production of Japanese industrial robots by its member companies for the January-March period of 2023.

Orders fell sharply by 18.9% year-on-year (YoY) to 208.2 billion yen, marking the second consecutive quarter of YoY declines.

Production increased 0.3% YoY to 216.8 billion yen, the 10th consecutive quarter of YoY growth, but only slightly.

Shipments increased 0.3% YoY to 220.6 billion yen, and total shipments decreased 7.1% YoY to 59,349 units. While the value of shipments increased YoY for the 10th consecutive quarter, the total number of units shipped decreased YoY for the first time in 10 quarters. Shipments to the domestic market, especially to the automobile industry, remained weak, but those to the electrical machinery and semiconductor industries performed well.

Exports increased 0.2% YoY to 165.4 billion yen, while the number of units exported decreased 10.4% YoY to 46,868 units. The total value of exports remained stable despite further declines in assembly and welding equipment.

Overall, demand for automation, which has been expanding even despite various risks such as COVID-19 and geopolitical tensions, remained strong. On the other hand, there are some concerns that the rapid decline in demand in some industries and applications and the uncertain global economic situation will affect the outlook for the future.


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