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Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023 YOKOHAMA, with EV technology accelerating

June 29, 2023

The “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023 YOKOHAMA” was held at PACIFICO Yokohama in Yokohama City from May 24 to 26. The exhibition attracted a large number of visitors, with about 64,000 people in attendance. 

Many electric vehicle (EV) related technologies were showcased in the exhibition hall. JTEKT exhibited its “JTEKT Ultra Compact Diff” (=photo). The device absorbs the difference in rotation between the left and right wheels when the vehicle is turning. By revising the gear structure, the company has improved the durability of the device while making it smaller and lighter than conventional ones. The person in charge said, “This product could only be developed thanks to JTEKT’s possession of a wide range of elementary technologies.” 

RYOBI, a leading manufacturer of die-cast parts, exhibited a case for large-capacity batteries. The large case is 2 m deep and 1.5 m wide, and would require a die casting machine with a clamping force of 13,000 tons if formed as a single unit, but RYOBI was able to reduce this to 3,500 tons by dividing the workpiece into three parts. After forming, it is joined into one piece by laser welding and friction stir welding (FSW). “With this method, we can manufacture products domestically without the need for huge facilities,” said the person in charge of the company with pride.


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