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DMG MORI supports factory DX with new “DMG MORI GATEWAY” connectivity service

July 20, 2023

DMG MORI has launched “DMG MORI GATEWAY”, a new connectivity service that connects all machine tools and peripheral equipment in a factory to a network.  

In recent years, many manufacturers have recognized the importance of DX (digital transformation), but the lack of expertise and human resources in network construction has made the implementation difficult. DMG MORI’s new connectivity service DMG MORI GATEWAY offers one-stop support to customers in constructing a reliable network within their factory. From hardware selection and network setup to installation, cloud connection, and more, DMG MORI provides tailored assistance to meet specific machinery and network environment needs. 

 DMG MORI GATEWAY makes it possible to connect all machine tools, automation systems, 3D measuring machines, and other peripheral equipment in a factory to a single network, including machinery from other manufacturers. By establishing a unified network, customers can gather machine, equipment, resource, operator, and measurement information as digital data, facilitating efficient management and optimized machining processes. The customers who already use DMG MORI GATEWAY have experienced remarkable results. For example, one customer successfully eliminated waste and improved machine utilization by 20%, resulting in a substantial increase of 10 million yen in monthly sales. Moreover, the connectivity service goes beyond enhancing productivity through DX. It also optimizes power consumption, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and contributes to the realization of green transformation (GX). 

 As more manufacturers are expected to introduce digital products and services, DMG MORI GATEWAY paves the way for seamless integration of both existing and future facilities into the factory network, enabling the realization of a sustainable and smart factory.


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