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NIDEC to launch tender offer for TAKISAWA by mid-September

July 27, 2023

On July 13, NIDEC announced a tender offer to make TAKISAWA a wholly owned subsidiary. The purchase price is 2,600 yen per share, for a total of approximately 16.6 billion yen. The company plans to conduct the tender offer from mid-September and has set the offer period at 30 business days. In a press release issued on the same day, TAKISAWA announced that it would “review the contents of the disclosed documents and other matters and announce our position”. 

NIDEC has made machine tools a new pillar of its business and has acquired three companies under its group umbrella in two years, starting with the acquisition of NIDEC MACHINE TOOL (formerly Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tools; Shiga Prefecture; President and CEO Haruhiko Niitani) in August 2021. 

Since NIDEK’s product lineup did not yet include CNC lathes, the company had proposed a capital and business alliance with TAKISAWA sometime between January and March last year, as making TAKISAWA a wholly owned subsidiary of NIDEC would have enabled both companies to expand sales channels and reduce production costs, thus creating synergies for both. However, when TAKISAWA did not respond to the proposal, the company submitted a letter of intent regarding management integration on July 13 and decided to make a strong takeover bid. 


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