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Takisawa Machine Tool unveils the latest multi-tasking machine at open house

August 2, 2021

Japanese CNC lathe builder Takisawa Machine Tool held the “2021 Takisawa Machine Fair” at the head office showroom in Okayama Prefecture on July 1st and 2nd, 2021.

The open house was conducted by a reservation system and was divided into three times. 180 of machine tool users and dealers visited the venue in the two days.

The featured product was the 6-inch chuck upper and lower turret type multi-tasking machine “TM-2000Y2”. Takisawa Machine Tool unveiled the TM-2000Y2 for the first time at the open house. This model has high accessibility to the spindle and high workability. Besides, Takisawa Machine Tool has increased TM-2000Y2’s spindle speed of the acceleration / deceleration and rapid traverse to shorten the non-cutting time.

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