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EMO Hannover 2019 Special Feature Lathes & Turning centers

September 4, 2019

You can peek a part of Japanese
FA companies’ products, which will be
showed off at EMO Hannover 2019.



Okuma (Hall 27, Stand D26) will showcase 20 machine tools including 8 new models, such as 5-axis machining center (MC), double-column MC, and multi-tasking machine. Okuma will show off a wide variety of machine tools such as a new MC that can meet the high machining demands of customers, a large 5-axis processing machine and multi-tasking machines for aircraft industry, lathe with loader that responds to mass production. The company will also propose solutions of productivity improvements using Internet of Things.

What Okuma recommends the most is the Next-Generation Robot System called ARMROID which incorporates a robot into the CNC lathe LB3000EX II, and the catchphrase is “robots for tomorrow, humans for future generations.”

The three main features are as follows: 1. It gets started and operating right away without robot integrators, or special skills. 2. ARMROID does the chip discharge, workpiece support and helps with machining and cleaning during operation. 3. It’s possible to build robotic cells well-coordinated with the way a standalone machine moves.

The control axis is four from J1 to J4, and the maximum load capacity is 10kg. Target markets are automobiles, aerospace, machinery, construction and agricultural machinery, and job shops.



CITIZEN MACHINERY (Hall 26, Stand D26) will connect its machine tool to umati of Industry 4.0 platform, which attracts attention in the EMO2019. CITIZEN MACHINERY also promotes its oiginal LFV (low frequency vibration cutting) technology.

Its top recommendation is a new product of sliding headstock type CNC automatic lathe, Cincom M32 that is excellent in the machining of complex shape, and the three main features are as follows: 1. It has made it possible to machine complex shapes. 2. It is equipped with new single-drive turret that drives only rotary tools. 3. New HMI (Human Machine Interface) operating panel is installed.

The maximum machining diameter is 32mm, and the maximum spindle speed is 8000 rpm. 36 tools can be accommodated. Target markets are expected to include automobile industries, machinery, semiconductors, and medical equipment.


Takisawa Machine Tool / TMX-4000ST

Takisawa Machine Tool (Hall 17, Stand B54) will showcase a brand-new multi-tasking machine, TMX-4000ST. It is the latest model of new-generation multi-tasking machine TMX-series that combines process integration and cost-effectiveness.

The TMX-4000ST has three features: 1. It expanded the stroke to secure the machining area of the margin. 2. A linear scale is provided as a standard feature on the feed XYZ-axis of the tool spindle for higher precision in machining and measurement. 3. Rich options are prapared for automation and high-mix low-volume production.

The TMX-4000ST has a structure with high rigidity, realizing precision machining and high productivity. The tool spindles XYZ-axis travel is 605×260×1500 mm and the lower turret XZ-axis travel is 225×1500mm. The tool spindle with rpm 12000 and the L & R spindle with 4000 rpm are mounted. The company expects the aerospace industry, machinery, medical equipment, and job shops to be the target.


Murata Machinery / MW120EX

Murata Machinery (Hall 17, Stand A4) will showcase MW Series of twin spindle CNC chucker and the MT Series of in-line opposed twin spindle CNC turning machine for mass-production of automobile parts. The company will promote a loading system that incorporates an improved gantry loader into each machine tools.

Murata Machinery will give a demonstration of line-system that combines MW120EX of MW-series with MD120II. There are two types of chunk size for MW120EX, 6 inches and 8 inches. The loader XYZ-axis speeds are 240m, 175m and 65m per minute.

The main purpose of the gantry loader is to load the workpiece into the machine tools and unload it when finished machining. However, this gantry loader can be load to a washing device and external measuring machine. It’s unnecessary to have conventional large-scale loading systems. In the MT series, the upgraded MT200 and MT100 will be exhibited. The MT200 is equipped with a high speed 3-axis servo loader and MT100 is equipped with two-axis servo unloader.



FUJI (Hall 26, Stand E29) will install robots to all machines to exhibit at EMO. The company will combine front facing twin spindle lathe, CSD300II, which is a new version of CSD300 with its small articulated robot Smart Wing. The company will promote automation and labor saving by connecting its original Internet of Things (IoT) systems, LAPSYS, to all the machines to exhibit.

The CSD300II can machine φ200×100mm-diameter workpiece. The slide stroke of XZ-axis is 140mm and 200mm. The main features of CSD300II are as follows: 1. Improved bed design increases rigidity. 2. Improved HMI boosts operator friendly system. 3. It is easy to connect to IoT system.

The target market is automobile industry. The company will also exhibit DLFn of modular production equipment and ANW series of opposed twin spindle lathe.

Takamaz Machinery / XT-6M

The theme of EMO 2019 is “downsizing a machine and automation.” Takamaz Machinery (Hall 26, Stand B32) will combine its own compact CNC lathe, ESL-10 with FANUC’s articulated robot. In addition, Takamaz Machinery will propose automation lines that assume a variety of users’ manufacturing patterns, connecting ENSHU’s machining center to its own CNC Precision Lathe, XT-6M. The company will exhibit seven models, the largest number ever.

Takamaz Machinery will display CNC Precision Lathe, XT-6M, which is the new model of XL-100 with 6-inch chuck diameter. The maximum turning length is 240mm. The rapid traverse rate is X-axis 18 m and Z-axis 24 m per minute. The Z-axis motor output is improved, thus increasing the drilling capacity by 20% compared to the previous model. A customer can select the new FC loaders with higher operability and speed in addition to its reputable Σ loaders.

Takamaz’s original thermal displacement compensation system, spindle base cooling system, and other optional compensation functions help to maintain stable cutting accuracy even under harsh environments.

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EMO Hannover 2019 Special Feature

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