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Okuma proposes to focus on social issues at open house

November 21, 2023

Okuma held the “Okuma Machine Fair 2023” for four days from November 14 to 17 at its Oguchi Plant World Headquarters. 

Under the theme “Contributing to society through the power of ‘monozukuri*’ services”, Okuma proposed a variety of solutions that address social issues such as automation, de-carbonization, and digitalization (=photo). The open house showcased a total of 25 machines, including new products centered on the “Green-Smart Machine,” an intelligent machine tool that combines stable dimensional accuracy and reduced energy consumption. 

In the area of automation solutions, the company introduced the new “OMR20,” a mobile robot system that uses a 20 kg portable collaborative robot. The system can be easily relocated for ease of use, and adjustments take 10 minutes or less, according to the company. At the event, a demonstration was held showing how it can be combined with the “MB-46VII” vertical machining center to automate workpiece loading and unloading. Kazutoshi Kuriyama, Senior Officer of the company, emphasized, “The system can automate the necessary machine as needed, thus improving production efficiency”. 


*Okuma’s definition of “Monozukuri”: making things (better than ever); where master craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology.


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