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Okuma’s next-gen CNC lathes offer high-precision and environmental friendliness

April 4, 2023

CNC lathe ‘LB3000 EXⅢ’

Okuma released a next-generation model of its best-selling LB-EX series CNC lathe, the “LB3000 EXⅢ,” on March 16. The model change is the first in 16 years since 2007, and is equipped with the new “OSP-P500” CNC device released in 2022. The company intends to promote it as a “Green-Smart Machine” that offers both high-precision and environmental performance.

The new model achieves an even higher level of accuracy stability by further developing the “Thermo-Friendly Concept,” an intelligent technology that enables the machine to maintain accuracy autonomously. Dimensional changes can be kept to less than 5 µm in diameter over time, even if the room temperature changes by 8 degrees Celsius. It is also equipped with an original energy-saving system, “ECO suite plus,” which reduces the power consumption by 14% (according to the company’s calculations) compared to a conventional CNC lathe of the same size. Gear skiving and hard turning functions can also be added, allowing process integration of gear cutting and grinding of hardened steel. The machine is also easy to operate, allowing even those unfamiliar with machining to easily set up programs.

The main target market for the LB3000 EX III is the production of shaft and/or gear parts for electric vehicles (EVs). The company aims to sell 2,000 units per year. The price is 15 million yen (excluding taxes) for the standard model.


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