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INTERMOLD was held under booming conditions(1/4)

July 6, 2018

There were prominent proposals to improve productivity

“JAPAN INTERNATIONAL DIE & MOLD MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION (Intermold 2018)” was held in Intex Osaka, on April 18-21, 2018.  “JAPAN METAL STAMPING TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION 2018” was also held.  380 companies and organizations participated in the exhibition.  A total of 44,179 people attended during the session.  Japanese die mold markets are recovering.  At this exhibition, which was held in a boom, exhibitors who proposed productivity improvement in process integration and new products were stand out.


Two major companies exhibited for the first time in a while

In this exhibition, it became a topic that two major manufacturers of Japanese machine tools exhibited finally again.  DMG MORI participated in the exhibition for the first time in five years, and Yamazaki Mazak participated in the exhibition for the first time in 11 years.  Both companies strongly appealed to the strong mold market with unique products.  The commonality between the two companies is process integration.  It is apparent that the process integration in machine tool helped the improvement of customer productivity.

DMG MORI exhibited two 5 axis machining center (MC) and proposed 5-axis machining for die mold.  “Although Japan is dominated by three-axis MC, there is a strong need in Europe to use 5 axis MC for die molding,” Rainer Pfaff, General manager of Sales &Marketing/Engineering headquarter 5-axes Competence Center of DMG MORI explained.  Samples of die mold for automotive radiator grilles were showoff using its 5 axis MC.  DMG MORI appealed the superiority of the 5-axis processing machine such as efficiency improvement of deep groove machining.

Yamazaki Mazak exhibited three process integration type machine tools including 5-axis MC “UD-400 / 5X” first demonstrated at last year’s EMO show.  UD-400/5X is a models that achieves both high accuracy and high speed machining, and it exerts its power for high-efficiency processing such as micro die mold.  Masazumi Nakanishi, Managing officer of Sales & Marketing Headquarters of Yamazaki Mazak said, “currently, these products have many inquiries from overseas, but there also will be a need for high-efficiency processing of higher precision molds in Japan. In anticipation of the future, we will now propose UD-400 / 5X to users.

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