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INTERMOLD was held under booming conditions(2/4)

July 10, 2018

There were many companies that unveiled new products.

Makino Milling Machine exhibited new electrical discharge machine “UP6.”  It attracted a great deal of attention from the visitors.

Mitsubishi Electric(photo) also exhibited a new model die-sinking EDM with AI as a reference exhibit.  Mitsubishi Electric has optimized the jumping behavior of the electrode with its own AI technology, which greatly shortened the non-machining time.  “By using AI, we can incorporate the processing know-how we have cultivated so far into the machine tool and improve productivity,” the person in charge said.

OSG has greatly expanded its lineup of PHX-series cemented carbide end mills, which are capable of deep milling.  The software “KC-TOOL” for calculating the optimum cutting condition was used, and the efficiencies such as deep groove machining were appealed.  In addition, there were also many new products for fine dies that are expected to increase demand in the future.

Roku-Roku Sangyo exhibited a new product of micro fine machining center “Vision.”  Vision can be loaded with 16 mm-diameter tools.  It is characterized in that it can cope with rough machining and finishing machining by one unit.

Mitutoyo also exhibited a measuring instrument that fuses the scanning measurement and the image measurement using a fine stylus of 125 μm diam. for fine molds.

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