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INTERMOLD was held under booming conditions(4/4)

July 12, 2018

Current status of Japanese mold industry

“The domestic die mold market is currently recovering,” “the domestic market is strong as there are signs of a recovery.”

Many of the exhibitors of the INTERMOLD 2018 analyze the current state of the domestic die mold markets in the same way.

According to METI statistics, die mold output increased 5.7% to 4.20 billion yen in 2017.  The level before the Lehman shock has not yet been reached, but it exceeded the 400 billion yen for the first time in nine years.  At the same time, needs for die mold are diversifying.

Not only accuracy requirements but also short delivery times are strictly required.  In recent years, the configuration of die mold has been complicated against the backdrop of high-performance molded articles.

With the rise of electric cars and IoT, demand for fine and precise molds for sensors and connectors is growing rapidly. In addition to the traditional needs, mold manufacturers are also pressing to respond to these new demands.

At this exhibition, which was held under booming conditions, many proposals for products and technologies were made to meet these diverse needs.

Among them, exhibitors who responded to the demand rise by offering productivity improvement were outstanding.

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