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Mitsubishi Electric and HACARUS forge strategic alliance to expand AI visual-inspection business

February 2, 2024

Mitsubishi Electric and HACARUS Corporation have announced their plans to enhance collaboration in developing AI-based visual-inspection applications for manufacturing. Under this agreement, Mitsubishi Electric is set to acquire an equity stake in HACARUS. 


This strategic partnership aims to capitalize on the combined resources and technologies of both companies, fostering synergies to maximize technological and business potential. By leveraging HACARUS’ expertise, Mitsubishi Electric expects to accelerate the development and deployment of integrated, automated AI-based visual inspection solutions. These solutions are designed to empower customers to enhance manufacturing quality and overall productivity. Concurrently, HACARUS stands to benefit from access to Mitsubishi Electric’s extensive sales network in Japan and overseas. 

HACARUS Check is a visual inspection solution equipped with a unique, compact AI. In addition to AI development, HACARUS excels in seamlessly integrating AI with various factory automation (FA) devices. In December 2023, Mitsubishi Electric introduced MELSOFT VIXIO, an AI-based visual-inspection software featuring the company’s proprietary Maisart AI technology. This software automates visual-inspection processes, contributing to improved manufacturing quality and addressing the challenges of Japan’s shrinking workforce. 


Toshie Takeuchi, Group President of Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation Systems Group, commented on the collaboration, stating, “As part of our strategy for the FA systems business, we are proactively addressing key challenges facing modern society. While the automation of production lines is increasing due to labor shortages, many visual inspections still rely on manual processes. Through this collaboration, we expect to strengthen our response to customer needs by leveraging MELSOFT VIXIO, supported by HACARUS’ expertise in AI-based visual inspection. This approach aims to address the labor shortage in the manufacturing sector.”


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