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A new generation of laser machines that expanded the processing area appeared

July 18, 2018

Fiber laser machine

Amada released a high-output fiber laser machine.  They prepared two types of output models: 9 kW and 6 kW.  The oscillator “ENSIS 9000 (9kW)/6000 (6kW)” which manufactured by itself is installed, and high-quality beams are produced with energy saving.

Amada’s original beam control technology, ENSIS Technology, was also improved.  This increased the ability to control to an appropriate beam according to the material and plate thickness  New machine’s beam combines high-power resonator and control technologies to cut a 16-mm-thick sheet of soft copper at about 2.4 times the speed of its conventional products.  ENSIS technology enables high speed and stable machining of thicker sheet during machining.

The machining surface roughness is high, and there is little dross that the materials melted in the machining section drip and solidify on the bottom surface of the workpiece.  When cutting stainless steel, melted material is blown off with nitrogen, but the machining quality is not deteriorated even with low-pressure gas, mainly because of the adoption of a proprietary blow-off nozzle.  It reduces gas consumption and machining costs.

The NC device adopted “AMNC 3i”. It can perform sensory operation like a smartphone.

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