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DMG MORI’s self-use solar power systems: Iga No.2 & Nara No.1 start power generation

April 24, 2024

On March 21, DMG MORI started generating electricity from its own solar power generation system at the Iga Campus (Mie, Japan) and the Nara Campus (Nara, Japan). The Iga Campus is in the second batch of solar panels, this time increasing the capacity by 5,200 kW (5.2 MW), and the annual power generation will be 14 million kWh (14,000 MWh) after the start of the third batch, scheduled for January 2025. It is expected to cover about 30% of the Iga Campus’ annual electricity needs and reduce CO2 emissions by about 6,400 tons per year. In order to ensure backup power sources for a few hours in the event of a power outage, batteries for storing excess solar power are planned to be installed at the Iga Campus (total: 1,000 kWh) and the Nara Campus (total: 600 kWh) within 2024.  

DMG MORI is also installing solar power generation systems throughout the group, including its plants in Pfronten (Bavaria, Germany), Seebach (Thuringia, Germany), Davis (California, USA), and Tianjin (China), as well as DMG MORI CASTECH (Izumo, Shimane, Japan). 


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