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RTJ 2024 Pre-Feature – Picking up the hot exhibits

June 14, 2024

ROBOT TECHNOLOGY JAPAN (RTJ) 2024, an exhibition specializing in industrial robots and automation systems, will finally open next month. Information about the exhibits is available on the official website, but here we’ve picked out some of the highlights in four keywords: “collaborative robots”, “robot hands”, “automated guided vehicles (AGV)/autonomous mobile robots (AMR)/automated guided forklifts (AGF)”, and “artificial intelligence (AI)”. Let’s look forward to meeting them at the venue! 


Collaborative Robot – New Product 

A new long-reach collaborative robot with a payload of 4 kg. The reach is 1.4 times that of the previous model, while maintaining the high trajectory accuracy of the company’s “VC4” collaborative robot. This allows collaborative robots to be used in a wider range of welding applications without safety fencing. 


Universal Robots / UR30

Collaborative Robot – New Product 

The new UR30 combines high performance and compactness. It automates the transfer of heavy loads in a small space. A payload of up to 30 kg is possible throughout the entire work envelope, yet the main unit weighs only 63.5 kg. 



Robot Hand – New Product 

This is a new robotic hand system that is capable of picking up a wide variety of items with a single model. It can be added to an existing system. Support picking operations with selectable hands for different scenes. 


Bridgestone Softrobotics Ventures / TETOTE 

Robot Hand 

A soft robot hand with artificial rubber muscles. The softness of the artificial rubber muscles enables the hand to “grasp” a variety of objects such as parts, daily necessities and food. 




This AMR automates all processes from workpiece loading/unloading to in-plant logistics. It senses the physical presence of people or objects and avoids collisions, allowing humans and robots to work together in the same area. 


OKAYA / Vision Nav


Multi-stack, high-bay, multi-pallet AGV that uses advanced sensor technology to measure its own position, highly adaptable combined with pallet position compensation. It ensures safety with a variety of sensors such as cameras and LiDAR. 


Chuo Koki / Cambrian Vision System 


Vision system that uses AI to recognize objects and control a robot. It features high-speed recognition in less than 0.2 seconds and adaptability to a wide variety of workpieces. 



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