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Brother Industries unveils latest automation system at private show

June 17, 2024

On May 28, Brother Industries unveiled its latest automation system at a private show held at the Brother Technology Center at its Kariya factory in Aichi, Japan. The event featured the premiere of the “RC-7”, an automation package system designed specifically for the “M200Xd1-5AX” and “M300Xd1-5AX” 5-axis machining centers. Approximately 200 visitors, including distributors and end-users, attended the private show. 

Introduction of the RC-7 automation package system 

The RC-7 automation system was developed by Robot Engineering, a system integrator within the Yuasa Trading Group based in Gunma, Japan. The system consists mainly of a “robot unit” and a “storage unit”. The storage unit has five-tier pallets from which the robot removes workpieces and supplies them to the machining center. The two units can be easily connected using a “one-touch positioning mechanism” and are equipped with casters for easy relocation. 

Growing demand for automation systems 

Tatsuo Terakura, Executive Officer at Brother Industries, commented, “There is a growing demand for automation systems to improve the operating rates of processing machines. We aim to offer the RC-7 to sites that focus on medium-volume production.” 


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