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Brother Industries to build new machine tool plant in India

February 16, 2023

Brother Industries has decided to build a machine tool production plant near Bengaluru in southern India. The total cost of the project, which is scheduled to be completed in September 2024, is expected to be approximately 2 billion yen.

India currently has a population of over 1.4 billion people, and its population and economy are expected to continue growing, with a large market growth potential, especially for automobiles and motorcycles. In March 2022, BROTHER MACHINERY INDIA PRIVATE will be established in Bengaluru to provide customer service, technical support and marketing for this growing market. BROTHER MACHINERY INDIA PRIVATE’s production capacity will be expanded, and a new plant will be built in the Japan Industrial Township (JIT) in Tumakuru district, about 1.5 hours by car from BROTHER MACHINERY INDIA PRIVATE.

Machine tools are currently produced at the Kariya Plant in Japan and BROTHER MACHINERY XIAN in China, but by producing machine tools in India, Brother will build a system that can deliver to Indian customers in a short time.

The new plant is scheduled to be completed in September 2024, with production starting in December of the same year. In addition, solar panels will be installed on the roof as part of an initiative to reduce CO2 emissions. Part of the electricity required to run the plant will be supplied by renewable energy, and CO2 emissions are expected to be reduced by approximately 600 tons per year.

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