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DMG MORI advances MX strategy (Part 2) – Achieving DX with the latest operating system

July 10, 2024

DMG MORI is advancing its “Machining Transformation (MX)” strategy, which includes process integration, automation, digital transformation (DX), and green transformation (GX). On April 17, the company held a press conference at its Iga Campus in Mie Prefecture, to explain the MX strategy in detail. This second part introduces new products developed for MX and the latest operating system (OS) that serves as the core technology for achieving DX. 

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“Products that realize MX” 

5-axis horizontal MC "INH Series" shown to the press at a press conference

5-axis horizontal MC “INH Series” shown to the press at a press conference.

DMG MORI is committed to promoting MX to create sustainable production environments. This commitment is reflected in the development of new products. A prime example is the “INH Series” 5-axis horizontal machining center (MC), which was unveiled at “EMO Hannover 2023” in Germany last September. 

The INH Series is designed to excel in mass production in a variety of industries, including aerospace, industrial machinery, and semiconductors. It embodies the core aspects of MX, such as process integration, and features an in-house developed machine cleaning system and a high-capacity coolant tank, “zero-sludge COOLANT pro”, which enhances chip and coolant management capabilities while facilitating automation. 

Mitsuru Taga, Executive Officer, emphasized, “We developed the INH Series as a ‘product that realizes MX’. While achieving process integration with 5-axis capabilities, we thoroughly reinforced rigidity to ensure machining performance and precision equivalent to that of 4-axis horizontal MCs”.

Centralized data management 

The latest "ERGOline X" control panel equipped with "CELOS X".

The latest “ERGOline X” control panel equipped with “CELOS X”.

Digital technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are essential to the advancement of process integration and automation. DMG MORI offers numerous DX solutions to make it easier for customers to implement these technologies in their production environments. 

The latest control panel “ERGOline X” and the new operating system “CELOS X” are key technologies for realizing DX on the shop floor. These systems can be installed on the INH Series mentioned above, as well as on multitasking machines such as the “NTX 500” and “NZ-Platform,” with plans to extend them to other models. 

CELOS X consists of “CELOS Xperience,” a suite of 30 applications that enhance uptime and energy efficiency, and “CELOS Xchange,” a secure cloud server that centralizes all data management. 

Sumihiro Kiyota, General Manager CELOS/System Development Department, explained, “Previously, various data such as operational information, energy consumption, and tool-related data were managed separately, making data integration and sharing with third parties challenging. By centralizing all data in CELOS Xchange, we aim to create an environment that maximizes data utilization, thereby contributing to the DX of production sites.” 

By: Atsushi Kuwasaki
Staff Editor, SEISANZAI Japan


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