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Yuasa Trading launches a new e-commerce site(2/2)

September 2, 2018

EC sites with a variety of search functions

At the time of its launch, the new site offered two million products from 300 companies. Although only dealers can order directly from the site, but end users can use the catalog.  If there is a product that end users want to purchase, they can place an order with the dealer.

In addition, the new site offered strength in search functions such as partial search of model numbers. Many users store only the parts that indicate differences in material and shape among product model numbers  For this reason, the new site has introduced a function capable of searching for matches of some symbols and character strings.

Yuasa tried to distinguish it from other sites that cannot be searched unless model numbers match exactly.


Sales 600 billion yen with enhancement of internet business

Establishment of a new site is also a key to management strategy.

Yuasa will work on a three-year medium-term management plan starting in FY2017, but aims to achieve sales of 500 billion yen in FY2019, the final year of the plan.  Sales rose 3.5% y-o-y to 46.7 billion yen in FY3/2018.  In the plan, the Internet sales business is positioned as a growth business, and by FY 19, sales in the Internet sales business will increase by about 70% from FY 16 to ¥13.0 billion.

The new site plays a key role.  President Tamura said at a general meeting of the Tann Association held that same day, “We anticipate sales of 600 billion yen in 2026, the our 360th anniversary, we will aim at one of the biggest domestic trading companies in specialized fields.”

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