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Japanese Job shop report #2: NIiZUMA SEIKI(3/3)Responding to customers’ needs with 99 MCs

November 12, 2018

Unprecedented “Job shop”
Responding to customers’ needs with 99 MCs

Many Job shops gather in Tokyo – Ota ward.NIiZUMA SEIKI also has a headquarters in the district and is responsible for the processing of prototype and small lot components.
Until this point, the company has no particular difference from a typical town job-shop, but the company has a very different scale.
NIiZUMA SEIKI has three bases in Japan, with a total of 103 employees, including group companies. NIiZUMA SEIKI owns 99 machining centers (MC). It was recognized as having a major impact on the regional economy, and in December 2017 it was selected as “The Driving Company for the regional future” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


Maintain the “Job shop identity”
At the root of their management is “Want to solve each customer’s problem and to be very attentive for customer’s needs”.
Recently, there are many requests from Japanese companies that have advanced overseas.
Mr. Niizuma(=photo) said, “The estimated price of parts is cheap at overseas, but the Japanese domestic manufacturing industry has added value that exceeds price.”
Mr. Niizuma emphasized, “Foreign prototype suppliers are finished as designed. We always imagine where and how the parts will be used when we receive design drawings and CAD/CAM data. If needed, we may confirm the part and modify the design. The delicate care is typical of Japanese job shop, and it is well received from business partners.”
Going forward, the company intends to continue its business activities on “a scale that is not like a job shop” but with “concern like Japanese job shop.”

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