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Making luxury hand spinner and smoke pipe leads to order of precision components(2/2)

March 29, 2019

▶Making luxury hand spinner and smoke pipe leads to order of precision components(1/2)

To improve efficiency by using proprietary systems

mitsumi factory developed and installed proprietary software which could manage a variety of data collectively ten years ago, and established a system that can secure profits even with the same sales.

“It is difficult to use systems on the market for small companies like us because it is assumed to be used for company to certain extent. There are basic versions which narrow down functions, but what we can do is limited. It is also not effective. I independently developed the system with help of acquainted, because I was really into computer,” says Kenichi Yamada, president.

The system comprehensively manages machining data for repeat orders, order frequency and unit price per each part and inventory of materials.

mitsumi factory takes on orders supposed to be repeated. mitsumi factory procures materials when its price is cheap. It also machine parts which are repeated absolutely when machines are available. In this way mitsumi factory established the system to get profitability by maintaining highly utilized.

mitsumi factory often takes on work of small-lot, less than 1000 units per order.

“It doesn’t make profit if each order takes a lot of time. It is very meaningful to make the entire order visible and work efficiently,” Yamada said.


Insights    Ash Kuwasaki, editor

The company’s challenge will be the expansion of profits steadily. It is necessary to make efforts such as (1) increasing sales (2) generating profits by reducing costs in order to expand profits. mitsumi factory has realized (1) increasing sales by toy PR, and (2) generating profits by reducing cost for its own software. There are many business owners who are troubled with efforts to secure stable earnings. mitsumi factory’s effort will be one of the reference examples.

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