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EMO Hannover 2019 Special Feature Cutting tools (1/2)

September 4, 2019

You can peek a part of Japanese
FA companies’ products, which will be
showed off at EMO Hannover 2019.



OSG (Hall 4, Stand G67) will show off cutting tools for hole and thread processing and milling processing. OSG will provide processing demonstration twice a day at 11:00 and 14:00.

In a rich lineup of cutting tools, OSG highly recommends 3-Flute Carbide Drill with Oil Hole, ADO-TRS, which offers ultra-machining efficiency and stability in steel applications.

The advantage of a 3-flute drill is generally as follow: a 3-flutes drill is touching by three points and support each other to achieve balance, that keeps out of roundness and hole diameter accuracy better. On the other hand, the disadvantage of a 3-flutes drill is that the resistance from the axial direction is high and there are many chip troubles.

ADO-TRS overwhelmed these common senses of 3-flutes drill. ADO-TRS introduced a R gash geometry, which enables super low cutting resistance comparable to 2-flute drills and breaks chips into small manageable pieces. ADO-TRS reduced the resistance from the axial direction by more than 30% compared with the conventional 3-flutes drills. Chips from the competitor 3-flute and 2-flute drills are elongated and are the common cause of chip evacuation troubles. ADO-TRS offers outstanding chip management capability and consistent chip form by introducing R gash geometry.


Nachi-Fujikoshi / AquaREVO drills oil-hole series

Nachi-Fujikoshi (Hall 4, Stand C67) will promote technological synergies for metalworking by cutting tools, bearings, hydraulic technologies, and industrial robots under the theme of ” Our Synergy Your Performance.” The company will show off AquaREVO drills oil-hole series of carbide drills as a new product. The catchphrase is “excellent function of cooling, lubrication and chip evacuation by fluid analysis”.

The three main features are as follows: 1. Longer tool life is realized by new REVO-D coating and original material technology. 2. High efficiency is realized even in high speed and high feed condition. 3. High quality is realized even in hardened or hard-to-cut materials.

There are 131 types and tool diameters ranging from 3mm to 16mm. The target market is expected to include the automotive industry, machinery, construction machinery and agricultural equipment.


Mitsubishi Materials / VPX-Series

Mitsubishi Materials (Hall 5, Stand D6) booth consists of exhibition area centered on tools for automobiles and airplanes, and business meeting area with experts from company. Mitsubishi Materials will display a VPX-Series of multi-functional cutter for high efficiency machining.

The three main features are as follows: 1. The geometry of the insert provides the required toughness together with the ability for multi-functionality. 2. It has high holder rigidity. 3. Large insert seating surfaces provides extra secure insert clamping.

The shank type includes VPX200 with a connection diameter of 16 to 35mm and VPX300 with that of 25 to 35mm, and the number of blades is 2 to 7. The screw-in type includes VPX200 with a connection diameter of 16-40mm and VPX300 with that of 25-40mm, and the number of blades is 2 to 6. The arbor type is VPX200 with connection diameter of 32 to 63mm and VPX300 with that of 40 to 80mm, and the number of blades is 3 to 9.



DIJET INDUSTRIAL (Hall 5, Stand E4) will showcase its specialty including the tools for die/mold machining tools and Shoulder Extreme EXSAP/MSX, which is an insert for shoulder milling start to sell in 2019. The company will adopt the cafe styled booth that allow visitors to spend time.

The Shoulder Extreme EXSAP/MSX is suitable for roughing to semi-finishing. The maximum depth of cut is 15mm. 4 cutting edge is useable by adopting double-side insert with 3D chip breaker. The high efficiency and high accuracy of the machining can be achieved, thereby increasing the productivity.

The diameter of the tool is between 25mm and 80mm. There are three types of corner Radius (R) including R0.4, R0.8, and R1.6. The machinery is expected to be the target.


NS TOOL  / PCDRB series

NS TOOL (Hall 4, Stand B3) will show off small diameter end mills for die mold machining and precision part machining, which the company excels in.

A wide variety of tools and machining samples will be displayed, including carbide end mill for high hardness materials, CBN end mills capable of maintaining high quality finished surfaces for long time, and PCD end mills capable of mechanizing the polishing process for die mold machining.

NS TOOL will focus most on exhibiting PCDRB series of end mills. Unique tool geometry makes stable surface and upgraded tool edge design makes stable high quality surface. In addition, polish-less machining become reality by nano-level roughness on profiling finish. There are 8 types of ball radius from 0.05mm to 1mm.

Target markets are expected to include the automobile industry, electrical and electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors.


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