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The SLA Forum held 12th symposium

December 2, 2017

On December 2nd, 2017, the metallographic StereoLithography Apparatus (SLA) multitasking machining Medical Equipment Forum held Symposium at the Tokyo Forum Center in Matsuura Machinery.

There were 40 people, such as a university professor, a researcher, and a manufacturer employee.

The Forum was established in order to apply the techniques of lamination molding and high speed cutting of the Metal Photomolding multi-tasking machine (Hybrid Metal 3D printer)”LUMEX” of Matsuura Machine to the fields of medical and medical equipment.

Five lectures were given this time.Toshiharu Muramatsu, the chiarman of Japan Atomic Energy Agency Applied Laser Technology Institute,discusses the  melt solidification simulation by laser.

Hidehito Sinpo, the assistant professor of Tsurumi University School of Dental medicine reported on the US dental prostheses (dentures).Yoshimitsu Okazaki, the  chairman of the forum,said “We have focused on research that uses cobalt chrome in recent years, and resumed research on titanium. we would like to deepen research and development.”

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