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Honda launches monthly flat-rate mobility service for used cars

January 28, 2020

Honda launched Honda Monthly Owner in Japan on January 28, 2020, a monthly flat-rate mobility service for used cars that packs taxes, maintenance costs, and automobile insurance into one package.

The users can use Honda vehicles for a minimum of one month to a maximum of 11 months according to customer preferences through Honda Monthly Owners. It is the first mobility service that can use the vehicle on a monthly basis for a Japanese automaker.

To use the service, customers can make reservations from their smartphones and laptops, and can use it from the first visit to the store. In addition, the company will prepare a full lineup of used vehicles, including vehicles equipped with a number of advanced equipment such as Honda’s safe driving support system “Honda SENSING” and wheelchair-specification vehicles. The monthly usage fee starts at 29,800 yen (including 10% consumption tax), including taxes, maintenance costs and car insurance fees. The users can use it only by paying additional fuel and parking fee.

The target models will starts following five models: N-BOX, FIT HYBRID, FREED HYBRID, VEZEL HYBRID, and N-BOX wheelchair models.

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