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IRIS OHYAMA starts to produce 60 million face masks per month in Japan in June

April 7, 2020

IRIS OHYAMA announced on March 31, 2020 that it will renovate a part of its Kakuda plant in Miyagi prefecture to produce face masks in response to the spread of the coronavirus. The investment is about one billion yen. The operation will start in June 2020. IRIS OHYAMA has already produced 80 million face masks per month at its two plants in Dalian and Suzhou in China, but the Kakuda plant will produce 60 million per month, for a total of 140 million monthly production. IRIS OHYAMA aims to reconsider the production system that relied on China and diversify the risks of overconcentrated production. In addition, the lead time can be shortened by about two weeks, so it can respond to the rapidly growing demand of face masks.

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