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Komatsu build a new plant of seal ring of construction machinery

August 4, 2020

Komatsu announced on July 15, 2020 that it will build a seal ring plant for the component of construction machinery on the premises of the Himi second plant in Himi ciy, Toyama prefecture.

The investment amount is about 3.7 billion yen, and the total floor area of the new plant is 8,230 square meters. Mass production starts at the new plant in November 2021.

The seal ring manufactured at the new plant is a precision component used for final reduction gear unit of the construction machinery. The current seal ring plant of Himi plant was built 60 years ago. The company aims to improve quality and productivity of seal ring by moving the functions of the seal ring plant to a new building.

Besides, Komatsu will introduce high efficient production equipment jointly developed with Komatsu NTC, a group company that manufactures machine tools. Komatsu also adopt automatic inspection technologies that utilizes AI technology. By the synergistic effect of the Komatsu Group, Komatsu intends to save labor force and improve productivity.

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