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DMG MORI releases metal 3D printer for large-scale workpiece such as aerospace

August 26, 2020

DMG MORI has released the laser metal additive manufacturing machine “LASERTEC 6600 3D hybrid”, which has the functions of metal additive manufacturing and cutting in one machine.

The travel of the XYZ axes is 1040 mm×-280 to +330 mm×3890 mm. The maximum workpiece size is 1010 mm x 3702 mm (diameter x length). The new machine has a large build area and is suitable for large workpieces such as rocket engines in the aerospace industry and oil well pipe in the energy industry.

“LASERTEC 6600 3D hybrid” adopts the Directed Energy Deposition method which metal powder injection and laser irradiation are carried out simultaneously to deposit and melt the material at the same time, so it ensures a short build time. It is possible to build different kinds of metal powders from that of workpiece.

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