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Toyota and Denyo jointly developed fuel cell power supply vehicle

October 1, 2020

Toyota Motor and Denyo announced on September 17, 2020 that they jointly developed a fuel cell (FC)power supply vehicle that uses hydrogen to generate electricity.

Both makers jointly developed an FC power supply vehicle to promote the conversion of commercial vehicles and industrial vehicles to FC with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions.

Many of the current generation of power supply vehicles use diesel engines to provide power to the vehicle on the road and when generating electricity. Using fossil fuels as energy, they emit substances of environmental concern when driving and generating electricity, including the greenhouse gases, CO2and nitrogen oxide (NOx).

FC power supply vehicles, on the other hand, use FCs to provide power. This eliminates the emission of substances of environmental concern, enables up to approximately 72 hours of continuous power supply, and provides water for showers and other uses as a by-product of power generation.

The FC power supply vehicle is based on Toyota’s light-duty truck “Dyna,” and the it adopts FC system installed in the fuel cell vehicle (FCV) “MIRAI.” as power source.

For power supply, it uses a FC power supply equipment developed by Denyo under a program subsidized by the Ministry of the Environment for its power supply unit. In addition, about 65 kg of hydrogen will be installed to enable long-distance travel and long-term power generation. Both makers started demonstration experiment in September 2020.

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