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Toyo Advanced Technologies develops vertical grinding machine suitable for medium and large bearings

December 9, 2020

Toyo Advanced Technologies has developed a “TVG-40S” shoe centerless-type machine of the TVG series of vertical composite grinding machine, featuring a movable main spindle system.

“TVG-40S” is ideal for machining large-diameter workpieces, including medium-sized and large bearings. The machine size is compact with a width of 2300 x depth of 2500 x height of 2900 mm. The machine features a 2-shoe and magnetic chuck, capable of machining large workpieces with a maximum inner machining diameter of 400 mm.

It allows a user to machine the inner diameter, outer diameter, and end faces with a single chuck efficiently and precisely when combined with an automatic tool changer. By moving the spindle on the X-axis and making it independent of the Z-axis, the twist of the Z-axis was reduced, leading to high-precision machining.

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