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Makino Milling Machine enters laser machining business

December 23, 2020

Makino Milling Machine announced its entry into the laser processing machine business on November 9, 2020. The company launched the water laser processing machine “LUMINIZER LB300” in November, 2020 and the “LUMIZINER LB500″ in December.

The new machine targets microfabrication. Shinichi Inoue president said, ” the size of the workpiece is expected to miniaturize in the future. The cutting machines which we specialize in can’t meet such customer demands. Therefore, we have developed the laser processing machine which realizes 0.001 mm or less precise machining.”

The feature of the new model is that it uses water to guide the laser light. The laser light passes through a high-pressure water stream whose thickness is controlled to a minimum diameter of 25 µm. The cutting line is straight along the water flow.

The workpiece can be cooled with water immediately after machining, suppressing the effects of machining heat such as deterioration and back burrs on the workpiece.

The technology of the water laser processing machine was developed by Synova from Switzerland. Makino Milling Machine has built a 10-year cooperative relationship by providing OEM machines to Synova. “With many years of cooperation, we have cultivated the knowledge of manufacturing, selling, maintaining, and servicing laser processing machines. We waited until the perfect timing to put them on the market,” said Inoue president.

The company sells them for semiconductors, aircraft, medical care, cutting tools market. Makino Milling Machine aims to sell 10 units of both products annually.

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