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NGK adds new plan to subscription service

March 9, 2021

NGK, a spark plug and cutting tool maker, announced on February 18, 2021 that it has added a new plan to its subscription service “SUISUI SWISS”. SUISUI SWISS is a flat-rate subscription service of tool holders for small automatic lathe. NGK started the service in 2019.

The new plan is cheaper than the existing plan. In the existing plan, the subscribers have to charge every month and take some time to cancel the contract: after the end of the two month later after the receipt of the tool holder.

On the other hand, subscribers can rent a tool holder for up to 3 months with a one-time charge through the new plan. The subscribers can also cancel easily. Cancellation is available from the 1st of the month after the day of application.

Subscribers can rent tool holders more easily through the new plan.


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