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Logis-Tech Tokyo 2021 in Aichi: Many automation solutions shown (2/2)

March 18, 2021

Asia’s largest logistics exhibition ” Logis-Tech Tokyo 2021 in Aichi ” was held from March 9th to 12th, 2021 at the exhibition hall “Aichi Sky Expo” in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture. 245 companies and organizations exhibited. The number of booths was 775. The number of visitors during the four days was about 12,500. The logistics industry is undergoing lack of manpower. At the Logis-Tech Tokyo 2021 in Aichi, many automated solutions to solve labor shortage problem were promoted. SEISANZAI Japan editorial department will introduce automation solutions which exhibitor showed, separating the articles into the first part and second one.

The first part of this article is here.

Space-saving pallet stacking achieves / SHIBAURA MACHINE

Machine maker SHIBAURA MACHINE exhibited for the first time at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2021 in Aichi. The company unveiled an automation system that SCARA robots loads cardboard boxes onto pallets. The feature of the automation system is that the pallet stand on the floor can rotate.

The SCARA robot used for the system could not reach the back end of the pallet, and it could not stack cardboard boxes. Therefore, the company rotated the pallet stand to move the position of the cardboard box. As a result, the SCARA robot can reach the back of the pallet. It enables to automate that work without a large SCARA robot, making it possible to save space in the system.

Autonomous picking cart shown / Teraoka Seiko

Ticket vending machine maker Teraoka Seiko unveiled a new autonomous picking cart. The picking cart automatically moves to the front of the shelf which stores ordered product, making it possible to help workers pick the product.

” Warehouse workers conventionally pushed the cart by hand to the product shelves, so they walked 5 to 7 km in the warehouse a day. With this product, the walking distance of workers can be shortened. While the cart moves autonomously, workers can do other picking tasks,” said the staff in the booth.

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