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Logis-Tech Tokyo 2021 in Aichi: Many automation solutions shown (1/2)

March 17, 2021

Asia’s largest logistics exhibition ” Logis-Tech Tokyo 2021 in Aichi ” was held from March 9th to 12th, 2021 at the exhibition hall “Aichi Sky Expo” in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture. 245 companies and organizations exhibited. The number of booths was 775. The number of visitors during the four days was about 12,500. The logistics industry is undergoing lack of manpower. At the Logis-Tech Tokyo 2021 in Aichi, many automated solutions to solve labor shortage problem were promoted. SEISANZAI Japan editorial department will introduce automation solutions which exhibitor showed, separating the articles into the first part and second one.

The bin picking system attracted attention / Okamura

Okamura, known for its office furniture, has made a big public relations for the US RightHand Robotics’ picking system “Right Pick”.

Right Pick consists of a dedicated robot hand and a vision sensor. Okamura exhibited it in combination withUNIVERSAL ROBOTS. At the booth, there was a demonstration that Right Pick grabbed the daily necessities piled up randomly in the box and moved them to another box.

In general, it is necessary to register the part shape in advance to use vision sensors. However, Right Pick does not require that work and is easy to use. The person in charge explains, “Right Pick can pick workpiece of various shapes, from boxes to flexible ones.”



Easy to use with “Digital Speakon”/ IAI

IAI introduced an automation system for logistics sites that uses the electric actuator “ELECYLINDER”.

The main body of the ELECYLINDER has an operation panel “Digital Speakon”. The user can easily set the positions of the two points, the start point and the end point, using the Digital Speakon. It is also easy to adjust the speed. Compared to pneumatic air cylinders, ELECYLINDER have a longer life with no deterioration in packing and sealing materials.

IAI emphasized the high operability of the ELECYLINDER.

The second part of this article is here.

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