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Makino Seiki was machining cutting tools during a webinar

May 14, 2021

Tool grinder builder’s Makino Seiki and diamond and cubic boron nitride tool maker A.L.M.T. held a joint web seminar from March 24 to 26, 2021. A total of 300 people watched it in three days.

The seminar was divided into two session. The first session was Makino Seiki’s part. During the webinar, Makino Seiki made cutting tools from bar materials by its original tool grinder. The company machined the outer shape of the bar

with the vertical cylindrical grinder “TAD”, finished the cutting edge with the tool grinder “SG10”, and inspected the whole shape with the tool measuring device “procam”.

The second half was the announcement of A.L.M.T. The company introduced new products such as the “Flute Master” grindstone for tool grooving. Flute Master is the first grindstone to be able to use water-insoluble grinding oil among the grindstone developed by A.L.M.T.

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