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Okuma launches horizontal MC with enhanced chip control capability

June 4, 2021

Okuma, a major machine tool builder, announced in May 2021 that it will release the horizontal machining center(MC)”MA-600HⅢ”.

MA-600HⅢ is the latest model of the horizontal MC “MA-600H Series”. The conventional model “MA-600HII” has been evolved to significantly increase the chip control capability.

This new machine is equipped with a function to clean chips inside machine automatically and to collect sludge automatically in the coolant tank. By these functions, it enables to operate stably for a long time.

The X-axis stroke is 1050 mm, the Y-axis stroke is 900 mm, and the Z-axis stroke is 1000 mm. The maximum rotation speed of the spindle is 6000 rpm. The width of the MC is 3435 mm, depth is 7068 mm, and height is 3174 mm.

The main targets are the renewable energy market and the semiconductor-related market.

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